Illawarra Steelers Online Bottleshop


Q: Why are you offering an on-line store?

A: Unfortunately with the current COVID-19 crisis situation, the way we interact and show must change. Our aim is to find innovative ways to help ensure everyone in the community has access to food and drink during these trying times. Launching an online store not only makes it more convenient to purchase all your food and beverage needs, but helps fund the important projects we support in our community.  

Q: Where do profits go?

A: Steelers Club is a community minded NFP business so we will return portions of our profit back to local community to try and to our part in helping others navigate through the global crisis.

Q: Why is the delivery area only limited to the Illawarra?

A: Although this site is fully functional, it is a new initiative and as such we're managing the launch to ensure we can properly execute.  Once we are confident our systems and processes are solid and replicable we will expand outside of our immediate local area. 

Q: Why is the range limited?

A: As mentioned above, this initial online store is a trial, to test demand by consumers as well as the best way to manage delivery and order fulfilment.  If consumers see benefit we will expand the products and delivery range.

Q: Who is 'Bevulus'?

A: Bevulus is our local data and technology partner, they have decades of experience in liquor distribution and online services, and are passionate about helping and giving back to the Illawarra and local communities. They have combined their knowledge in liquor sales and distribution with their experience in data and technology to build a suite or products aimed at improving the beverage experience, from owner/producers to consumers. Bevulus is a word that represents the beverage and technology & data aspects of their business.

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